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Quality Products

Producing quality products is a top priority at National Plastek. While other companies may profess similar sentiment, we truly believe quality sets us apart from our competition...and we live it every day. All National Plastek employees are trained to always ask themselves one question, “Is this something I would want to buy for myself?” If they can't answer that question with a 100% “Yes”, that product doesn't leave our facility. We take quality very seriously because we know it defines us. You've heard the statement “You get what you pay for". In the poly film world, that definitely holds true. We take great pride in the fact that National Plastek has earned the reputation of producing nothing but top-quality films.

quality products

Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Certified

It is National Plastek's mission to exceed our customer's expectations in quality, service and delivery by following our long tradition of safe, smart and unrivaled manufacturing standards. In following this tradition National Plastek has gained certification from Safe Quality Foods (SQF). The SQF Certification creates a consistent guideline to ensure consumers that food is safe to eat. Woking with a SQF-certified company can save you time, money and provide consistent quality control. It also prevents any safety or sanitation issues, provides total traceability, and enhances trust from buyers!

certified business practices
Great Products.

Great Products. Better Service

At National Plastek we know that making top notch product is nothing without top notch customer experiences. We make sure this standard of excellence is met by focusing on the following:

  • Do whatever is necessary to exceed our customer’s expectations

  • Exceed ALL customer expectations by working as ONE team

  • Communicate with our customers to fully understand their needs and expectations.

  • Build a long term relationship with our customers by conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity.

  • We promise that our phones will be answered by a real human being when our customers call.

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